About Us

Our Specialties

Pet Grooming of ALL breeds, AND AKC Show Grooming.


Established 2013
Carmen Butera and Lindsey Dicken had the same vision as to what kind of salon they could open on their own. With Carmen's business sense and Lindsey's extended trade knowledge these two dog lovers agreed to make this vision a reality. Fetching Canine Grooming and Boutique Opened on Feb 16th, 2013. Working in the pet and grooming business for many years both saw a need for a clean, low stress, spa like grooming salon.

Meet the Owner

Carmen Butera and Lindsey Dicken (head groomer, equity business partner). Carmen and Lindsey both have owned and shown horses all through their lives and both are passionate animal lovers. Carmen owned horses since age 12, showed, groomed and boarded horses until she retired from the show ring in 2000.

Carmen presently has four dogs of her own and shows her AKC Mini Longhair Dachshund. Lindsey too grew up showing draft and other horses and now breeds and shows Bichon Frises and Miniature poodles. Lindsey owns four dogs and co owns several show dogs. Both women are active in rescue.


We worked very hard in the preparation of our salon, making sure the layout had a nice flow to it. At Fetching Canine, we all work very hard to be good listeners to our clients both human and canine. We also thank our clients old and new for always respecting our boutique and salon and surround grounds, as we work very hard to maintain organization and cleanliness.

For our client’s convenience outside our clients will find poo baggies, pooper scoopers and poo cans both in front and back of our salon.

We thank our clients for cleaning up after your pooches. There is a concrete sidewalk ALL the way around the entire building. The fastest and most convenient parking is in the back of our suite next to the FC vehicles. We have a reserved area for quick drop off and pick up. You will see the sign when you pull around back to the end of the building.